Between wardrobes & hats: a Sunday with the OCR

Where: Between the wardrobes and in front of the standard lamps at Joule’s Yard, Market Harborough

When: A cold Sunday afternoon

What happened: Bacon and eggs from Ian Joule’s kitchen, a quick play with all the hats and we were down to business just as the rain started. A nice relaxed afternoon, although it was effing cold. Iron Horse came down with his family, and my mate Phil. A few genuine punters sat out in the cold with us, and I think we all enjoyed ourselves. There were a couple of milestones on the road to glory –  Filthy brought out his new ten pound amp, and I left the electric guitar in the box. We took the opportunity to revisit some old friends we hadn’t played in a while – ‘Rollin’ in my Sweet Baby’s Arms’ and a countryfied version of ‘The Last Time’. And also, a first sighting of two new songs, ‘Wigston Junction’ and ‘I Can Dream’. Iron Horse Hooley sat in on Broken Arrow and Ramblin’ Rose, and amazed us all in the intermission with his ‘Hoo-dley Bow’. If you want more nonsense from Tristram, be sure to visit  The Wild Woodbine



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