OCR 2018

The Outwoods County Riders ‘OCR’ are back and hitting the trails from August 2018.

Americana band OCR (aka Outwoods County Riders) will reform 3 years after they called it a day. Original members Slim Williams, Rich Paling and 2bad Jim will begin gigging at the end of August 2018.

The band built up a following in the midlands between 2011 and 2015 with charismatic live shows and two albums of their own material (available on download and streaming sites). For the last three years the band members have been working on the ‘Hillbilly Jukebox,’ Leicester’s answer to Hayseed Dixie.

New albums by Kinky Friedman, Willie Nelson, Steve Earle  and John Prine have revived interest in the genre, and steady sales of songs from the band’s two releases ‘Outwoods County Riders’ and ‘Early in the morning’ have encouraged the band to get back together.

OCR  promises to play highlights from the albums including ‘Indian Territory ‘ and ‘Angel of Death’, as well as some Americana classic covers OCR style. There should be plenty of fun and impromptu moments of genius, which is after all what live music is all about.

More updates here soon and now live the new OCR Facebook page here:




OCR on the main stage at the 2015 Americana International Festival playing some North Hills Mississippi music.
A big thanks to Chris Burland for the videos..


‘Miss Maybelle’


The OCR boys hit the main stage and serve up some good ole North Hills Mississippi Blues..
2pm on Friday 10th July.. See you there.


CHICKENHEAD LOUNGE – Wedsnesday 24th June

Rounding off the night, your host OCR. Its a set full of the sounds and grooves from those north hills of Mississippi.
Its blues that never went to Chicago..